State of the Writing: February 2016

So here we are in mid-February, and lots is happening across the writing board. Let’s dive in:

  • Edge of Oblivion has an official release date: April 15, 2016. I’m currently going over the “galley” of the book, which is a preview of what the book will look like when it is in print. I have one last chance to catch errors as well as make sure everything is typeset correctly when it goes to print. I expect to have information on preorders in early March.
  • Book 2 is just a month away from being delivered to the publisher for the first time. I’ve revised and tweaked it more times than I can count, and my wife — who is a professional copyeditor — is graciously giving it an extra layer of polish. From there it will go through the usual rounds of editing, revising, proofing, and all the other trails that its predecessor has already blazed.
  • Book 3 is back on the clock after a haitus to deal with Book 1 and Book 2 related work. I’ve made good progress in the last couple of weeks, doing a little revision to early parts and continuing the first draft of later parts. Some of the scenes I’ve written the last few days are emotional but also exciting. I expect to be done with the first draft by late spring and have a couple of rounds of revision under my belt before the summer beta.
  • The Domes of Aeroel, my free short story, went live at the beginning of the month. It’s set fifteen years before Edge of Oblivion and is designed to be both standalone and connected to the larger trilogy. You can read more about how I wrote it right here, and you can get it for free by signing up for my mailing list.
  • … And I’m not done with short stories. I’m planning to produce at least two more: one set between Books 1 and 2, and one set between Books 2 and 3. Both will be free and will help flesh out important side-stories in the larger trilogy story arc. And that doesn’t count any other bonus material I’ll reveal as time goes on.


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