Pronunciation Guide: The Shadows of Aeroel

Here you can find pronunciations for some of the more exotic words in The Shadows of Aeroel. I’ve tried to make the pronunciations below as easy to understand as possible.

Find something in the story that you’d like to add to the list? Or not sure if the pronunciation makes total sense? Let me know!

  • Aecron: EYE-a-cron
  • Aeroel: AIR-oh-el
  • Boril Corell: bo-RILL co-RELL
  • Doralei: DOR-a-lie
  • Giyae Noe: GEE-yay NO-ee
  • Oayis: oh-AY-is
  • Poiar Droo: PO-ee-ar DRUE
  • Rowun: ROW-uhn (rhymes with “tow ton”)
  • Royaio: ro-YAI-oh
  • Udesia Fey: uu-DESS-ee-a FAY
  • Xazier: ZAH-zee-air

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