Tales of Sarco: A Short Story Companion (The Chronicles of Sarco)

This compendium of short stories interlaces with the novels of the Chronicles of Sarco series. It includes both several previously released short stories as well as all-new stories. They include:

  • The Domes of Aeroel (Tales of Sarco #0.5). Set 15 years before Edge of Oblivion, Human advocate Aleck Bok Feld must respond to an urgent call for help.
  • Hope Colony (Tales of Sarco #1.1). Set at the end of Edge of Oblivion, the crew of the Retaelus embarks on a quest to find hope.
  • Cersius and Corius (Tales of Sarco #1.2). Set during and after Edge of Oblivion, one young pilot tries to determine the fate of his legendary father even as he faces the repercussions of the current darkness.
  • The Shadows of Aeroel (Tales of Sarco #1.5). Set between Edge of Oblivion and Into the Void, Aleck Bok Feld sets out to answer the mysteries of past events.
  • The Questioning of Brigg Drews (Tales of Sarco #2.1). Set during Into the Void, a young interceptor commander is called in to explain his actions.
  • The Seas of Aeroel (Tales of Sarco #2.5). Set during Into the Void, Aleck Bok Feld returns one more time in pursuit of an ominous threat from within.
  • Falcon (Tales of Sarco #2.9). Set immediately before Through Chaos, an Aecron officer embarks on a daring recovery mission.

In addition, this companion contains three non-canon bonus stories never before released.

The companion is available for free in PDF, Kindle (MOBI), and Nook (ePub) format by subscribing to the author's mailing list.

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