The Domes of Aeroel Is Now Available

Some time ago, I got the inkling to do a spinoff story set in the same general universe as my forthcoming book trilogy, The Chronicles of Sarco. I wanted the story to use a separate cast of characters from those of the trilogy while still connecting to the events of the Sarco books. I also wanted to structure it in a way that it could be read before or after (or even during) the trilogy without spoiling anything or losing its punch. In other words, people reading it before the books would have some cool Easter eggs to look forward to, and people reading it afterward could get some illumination on a few of the trilogy’s more pivotal events.

I sketched out a rough outline, entitled the story The Domes of Aeroel, and put it back on the proverbial shelf while I continued to work on the Sarco books proper. My plan was to perhaps revisit it later, maybe after the trilogy was over.

Then, last fall, my publisher encouraged me to consider writing a short story before the first book came out. I thought some about it and realized: wait, I have just the thing. I dusted off the dormant outline and set to work turning the Domes of Aeroel into a complete product, including the requisite rounds of editing, beta reading, and a final proofing.

Long story short, it’s ready, it’s free, and it’s available in three digital formats: PDF, Kindle (MOBI), and Nook (ePub). And, as promised, it can be read anytime before, during, or after the Sarco trilogy. I even have a pronunciation guide up and running for those who like to read their stories out loud.

The catch? Just one: hop on over to my e-mail newsletter signup page and fill it out. Once you’re done, you’ll get links to the version(s) of your choice … and you’ll also get updates once a month or so about the progress of my writing. (I promise not to give your information away or subject you to any other forms of digital torture.) And if you decide later you’d rather not keep getting updates, unsubscribing is quick and painless.

Either way, I’m excited about The Domes of Aeroel. I hope you have as much fun reading it as I did writing it.

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