Writing Progress Report: January 2016

Let’s get down to business:

  • As I mentioned last month, I’ve got a short story incoming. The Domes of Aeroel is set fifteen years before my first novel and can be read at any point before, during, or after the trilogy. Best of all, it will be free, and it will go out sometime in the first part of February. The only thing you’ll have to do to get it is to be on my mailing list. (Think of being on the mailing list as the equivalent of preordering, minus having to pay money.) I expect to have it available in both PDF and MOBI (Kindle) formats.
  • Second, Edge of Oblivion is headed for publication in April. It will be available in a variety of formats, including paperback, Kindle, and a few others of note. Preorders aren’t up just yet, but I’ll post an update once they are.
  • And the rest of the series? I’m nearing the end of my latest round of revisions for Book 2, which is due to the publisher in just two months. Book 3 is sitting firm at halfway through the first draft, but it will come front in center in my writing world in the next two months as I take aim at finishing the first draft before summer.

Fun times!

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