The Shadows of Aeroel is Now Available

If you’ve followed this blog in the past, you may already know the story … but it still bears retelling. A year ago, my publisher suggested I write a short story as a lead-in to my debut novel, Edge of Oblivion. The result: The Domes of Aeroel, a 9000 word tale set fifteen years before Oblivion. The Domes of Aeroel features a cast of characters whose lives and actions intersect with the events of the novel trilogy, and it’s absolutely free. The catch? It’s the payoff for signing up for my mailing list. (The mailing list, incidentally, is easy to subscribe to and even easier to unsubscribe from should one wish to.)

Well … earlier this year, after Edge of Oblivion came out, I got to thinking, “you know, I’m not sure I’m done with that short story arc yet.” So I got to planning. From that planning came an outline, and from that outline a story entitled The Shadows of Aeroel. It served as a chance to not only continue what I began in The Domes of Aeroel, but to also fill in some of the time between the first two novels in my book trilogy, Edge of Oblivion and Into the Void. 

A few months, several beta readers, and a few revisions later, The Shadows of Aeroel is finally here in PDF, Kindle (MOBI), and Nook (ePub), and on the six-month anniversary of Edge of Oblivion, no less. If you’re already on my mailing list, you’ve already got it in your inbox. If you’re not on my mailing list … well, it’s really easy to do. Just follow this link to get started.

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