Writing Progress Report: October 2015

Here is a status report on the great writing adventure:

  • My debut novel, Edge of Oblivion, is currently under the editorial knife. This week I am finalizing a round of revisions under the watchful eye of someone who has been doing this a lot longer than I have. My brain hurts, but it’s been good. In a couple of weeks I’ll get another round of edits, and by mid-November that round will be done, bringing Edge of Oblivion a large step closer to publishing reality. The novel is on track for a Spring 2016 release.
  • Book 2 (releasing in Spring 2017) has been in the hands of beta readers for a few months now, and a few of them have already offered some great feedback. Changes to Book 2 based on beta reader feedback (and based on Book 1 revisions) will start once the editing process with Book 1 finishes next month. Book 2 is due to the publisher in March 2016.
  • Book 3 (releasing in Spring 2018) is about 50% of the way through the first draft. It’s coming along well, and I expect it to be drafted before next summer, at which point I’ll ship it out to beta readers.

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