Writing Progress Report: November 2015

Here is the monthly update on the great writing expedition:

  • Book 1: Edge of Oblivion‘s book edits are done. The final copy is now in the hands of the publisher. Next up are things like book covers, back cover copy, and a bit of copyediting polish to make sure there are no typos.
  • Book 2: After a hiatus from Books 2 and 3 — necessitated by the editing process of Book 1 — I’ve returned to Book 2 this week. The edits for Book 1 opened up some intriguing elements to integrate into Book 2, and I’ll be working on that over the next couple of months. I was pretty excited about Book 2 already; I’m even more excited now that I have new things to build on from Edge of Oblivion.
  • Book 3: Like Book 2, it went fallow during the Edge revision process. I’m 50% of the way done, and I have a very good idea on how things will end. Given that it’s not due to the publisher until the spring of 2017, I’m in good shape here. Nevertheless, I’ll chip away at it over the winter with plans to have a good draft done in time to ship out to beta readers next summer.

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