State of the Writing: March 2016

This is a busy month, with all three books in the Sarco trilogy in play:

  • Edge of Oblivion releases exactly one month from today: April 15, 2016. The final changes have been made, the cover is done, and the book is currently being prepped for release. What’s more, the novel’s launch team has assembled and is now knee-deep in the work of helping me push the book out the door. The next month is going to be one of my busier times with the novel, even though it’s done. There is marketing to be done and launch parties to be planned!
  • Book 2 just went to the publisher in the last 24 hours. That’s right — Book 2 is in the hands of the publisher and Book 1 isn’t even in print yet. That’s the timetable of things. The last two weeks have been busy as I’ve given Book 2 one last look-over in advance of that deadline.
  • Book 3 is about 75% done with respect to the first draft, and now that Book 2 is off to the publisher, Book 3 is about to get my full creative focus. I’m planning to finish the rough draft by late spring, revise it into the summer, and have it to beta readers by the late summer / early fall.

… and now I think I’ll get back to writing!

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