State of the Writing: January 2017

Before I dig into writing things, I wanted to extend an invitation to connect on Goodreads, if you’re one who uses it. I’m always looking for things to read, so if you have any suggestions (especially science fiction, but also fantasy, mystery, or the like) I always enjoy hearing them. Even if I don’t, it’s always cool to see what other people are reading.

Things on the writing front have been quiet, if busy. Edge of Oblivion is doing well, its sequel Into the Void is edited and just waiting on a final proofread, and I’m wrapping up revisions on the third book, which goes to the publisher in March. (I’ll reveal the title of that book here before too long.) I’ve outlined and partially drafted the third short story in the Tales of Sarco short story arc.

Right now I’m still waiting on the final details for Into the Void. Spring 2017 remains the target release date — I was initially told May 2017 — but I’m still waiting for final confirmation there. I’m also waiting for the book cover, which I’ll share once I’m allowed to. 🙂

I’ve also been tinkering with some other fiction projects, including a piece of flash fiction and some kicking around of a standalone short story to pitch to magazines.

And I’ve started drafting my next novel. It’s set in a setting separate from my books to date. My goal is to draft it this summer and get it into beta in the fall. I even have a working title, which I’ll share down the road.

On the nonfiction front, my wife and I launched a (decidedly not science fiction) blog called Aldi Reviewer, where we’ve been writing about all things related to the German-based grocer. I’m even working on a non-fiction eBook on the subject (first time for everything!) that I’m looking to self-publish later this year.

I’ve also kept busy with blogging and the like. Among other things:

Did I say earlier that things were quiet? Okay, maybe not.

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