Introducing: Launch Team Chaos

The official release of Through Chaos is less than two months away.

So one more time, I’m recruiting a team — Launch Team Chaos — to help me lay the groundwork for November 20th.

Each member will be asked to make three commitments … and in turn receives three benefits.

The three commitments are:

  1. Write a short review — good, bad, or ugly — on Amazon when the book releases.
  2. Help to spread the word on the book’s release (i.e. social media, blog, yelling on a soapbox along a nearby street corner, etc.), especially on the days surrounding February 6th. (Don’t worry, I won’t ask you to do anything that will alienate your friends.)
  3. Coordinate with me and other Launch Team members over the next few weeks.

The three benefits are:

  1. An advance e-version of Through Chaos, in PDF form (this is known as a “galley”) for you to read and review prior to the book’s launch
  2. Access to a secret, private Facebook group where you can interact with other members of the launch team
  3. public online thank-you from me to everyone who completes the three commitments

The time commitment? Not a lot. The biggest time chunk will be reading the book … but I’m hopeful that will also be the most fun!

The launch team window has closed. Stay tuned for other launch opportunities!

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