A Free Short Story: Ajax Torpedo Omega

In January of 2018, I penned a pint-sized story for Havok, a speculative fiction flash fiction magazine. The theme of the issue was deep space, so as a space opera sci-fi author I couldn’t resist trying to make a tiny slice of space opera. The magazine accepted my story, and as an added bonus I even got to be the leadoff story for the issue.

Under the terms of my contract, Havok had exclusive publishing rights for six months after publication. We’re well beyond that, so I think the time may be right to add the story to the small collection on my website.

Ajax Torpedo Omega tells a brief story through the perspective of the AI of a single weapon. It’s not connected to any of my existing writing, although I haven’t dismissed the idea of linking it to my writing in some way down the road.

Interested? The 5-minute read isĀ right here.

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