State of the Writing: April 2019

Hi, everyone!

Welcome to spring.

As you know, the Chronicles of Sarco trilogy is complete, with three novels and five short stories out. I’m not totally against the idea of continuing the series, although at present I’m not working on any sequels. (Just dreaming a little.) That said, I am starting work on a little project relevant to the Sarcoverse that I may have more to share on down the road. For now, though, that’s farther in the queue.

In the more immediate term, I have some fun news to share: Through Chaos, the third book in the Sarco trilogy, has been nominated for a Realm Award in the category of science fiction. The Realm Award winners will be announced in July, and I’m excited to say that I’ll get to be there for the awards dinner. (I’m less excited to say that I may not have the best of appetites that evening in advance of the awards announcements, but I’ll try my best to stay calm.)

Looking ahead, there are two writing developments incoming. The first involves my nonfiction book, An Unofficial Guide to Shopping at Aldi, which released in May 2017. In recent months I have started the process of revising the book, especially given some of the changes at Aldi over the last two years. I haven’t firmed up an exact release date yet, but I’m hoping to release the second edition of the book sometime this late spring or early summer. Stay tuned.

Coming soon.

The second development is my new science fiction novel, which is set in a world (mostly) apart from the Sarco series. Last month, I hit a most important milestone when I finished the rough draft. After giving it a few weeks to rest, I’m back into the manuscript this month, doing a second draft and revision of the 125,000-word story. My current hope is to have it suitable for beta reading sometime this summer or early fall. We shall see.

So things continue to happen, and I hope to have more to share about all of it in the months to come.


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  1. Congratulations on the nomination! Well-deserved!

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